Empowering Individuals with Learning Differences to Succeed—Academically, and Beyond!
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Supporting Our Students

Helping Children Succeed Academically, and Beyond, Regardless of Ability to Pay

Morrissey-Compton Educational Center is fortunate to be located in an area where many families can afford to pay for professional services to help meet the needs of children, adolescents, and adults with learning/processing, mental health, and/or behavioral challenges.

However, we are, at heart and in fact, a nonprofit organization whose philosophy is to serve all families regardless of their ability to pay. Thanks to the generosity of individuals, families, and businesses-many of whom benefited from our services in the past, and enjoy successful and prosperous lives today—we are able to provide financial aid in the form of scholarships to many of the more than 500 families we serve each year. In addition, close to half of the students who attend our Challenge School are able to attend this fun and unique program only because we are able to offer scholarships to cover their tuition. In 2011, we opened a satellite office in Half Moon Bay to address the significant unmet needs of students on the coast.


Morrissey-Compton sends out two Annual Appeals—one in the spring, and one in the fall—to raise funds for scholarships and program innovations that touch every student. In addition, we hold a breakfast fundraiser each fall honoring one of our community's outstanding educators.

A Look to Tomorrow

With an eye toward securing the needs of children in the future, Morrissey-Compton was fortunate to be able to establish an Endowment Fund several years ago with an initial grant from the Flora Family Foundation. This endowment fund is critical to fulfill our commitment to our community, as studies indicate that the number of students with learning disabilities is growing.

If you prefer, your gift to Morrissey-Compton can be designated for our endowment fund at the time you give. Perhaps you might consider making a single gift to honor a loved one you have lost, pledge to give a certain amount monthly or annually, or arrange a bequest to us in your will. Each of these is a wonderful way to leave a lasting legacy to help ensure that tomorrow's children will have equal access to important services that can help them become successful and productive adults.

How to Give

Gifts of every size, and made at any time throughout the year, are much appreciated. If you would like to support our efforts in helping students reach their potential, please contact Lyn Balistreri, Director of Fund Development, at lyn.balistreri@morrcomp.org, call 650-322-5910, ext 17, or click the donate button on this page.

With many thanks and deep appreciation,

John, Pat, Carolyn and the Board of Directors

Morrissey-Compton Educational Center, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation.