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Empowering Individuals with Learning Differences to Succeed—Academically, and Beyond!
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Executive Function Research Program

  • Deepen our understanding of the assessment and treatment of executive function (EF)
  • Further the underlying theory of EF in the learning differences field
  • Build EF training programs for teachers and schools
  • Provide parent education trainings in EF
  • Train future clinicians, educational specialists, and researchers in EF
  • Share our knowledge with others by creating EF conferences, publishing in peer-reviewed journals, and presenting research at learning differences conferences
Executive Function is an "umbrella term" for the multiple processes in the brain that are responsible for regulating our thoughts, emotions, and behavior. These processes include abilities such as working memory, cognitive flexibility, prioritizing, organization, planning, and self-monitoring.

Support Our EF Conference

Executive Function Workshop for Parents

Executive Function
Workshop for Parents

Saturday, February 26, 2016
One day workshop for parents
of students with EF differences
Executive Function Workshop for Professionals

Executive Function
and Learning
West Coast Conference

November 4, 2017
Multidisciplinary Conference on EF for the Professional Community
share your story

"Share Your Story" Project for Students

A platform for Students with EF Differences to EMPOWER and CONNECT with each other.

Ongoing Research Studies
and Research Team

Dr. Surina Basho
Dr. Surina Basho, Director of Research in Learning Differences

If you are interested in:

  • Professional development in executive function for your school
  • An executive function consult for your child
  • The EF & Learning West Coast Conference (for professionals in the field of EF)
  • The EF Workshop for Parents (for parents of students with EF)
  • Joining the EF Research Lab at MC (undergrads, post-undergrads, masters, and doctoral students)
Contact Dr. Basho at surina.basho@morrcomp.org

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