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Challenge Summer School has been a favorite of both kids and parents for 35 years. The only private summer school that is not part of a year-round special education school, we boast a very high rate of return-by the child's own choice! Since many of these children find school to be an unrewarding place, we consider this to be the greatest testament to our success.

Challenge School is a unique, theme-based program for students in K-6th grades (including those who have just completed 6th grade) who have experienced academic difficulty in their regular class. Learning happens using a fun, theme-based curriculum. Students are grouped by age and instructional needs in small classes of 8 to 12 students, where our experienced teachers/learning specialists help them review basic math, reading, and writing, and learn ways to develop organization and thinking. Our ADHD/Executive Function curriculum and Yoga/Mindfulness has been expanded to encompass all classes, as we believe it will benefit all of our students.

Your Gifts Make It Happen!
For many of the children who attend each year, the Challenge School experience is made possible thanks to the generosity of our donors. Learn more.
Challenge Summer School Application
 Financial Assistance Application 

The three goals of Challenge School are to:

  1. Maintain academic skills over the summer
  2. Foster self-esteem and academic confidence
  3. Teach alternative strategies for reading, writing, math, and organization/executive function.

High-Quality Follow Through
Every Challenge School Student receives high-quality, individualized attention and preparation for the following school year. This includes a parent-teacher conference to help guide recommendations for the fall, parent classes, and teacher reports with individualized recommendations by September.

Tuition for Challenge School is $2,600. A $200 deposit is required with your application and will be applied to the total tuition fee. Scholarships are available for qualifying families.

quoted textWe will forever be grateful for the help you provided to our daughter, who benefitted from your services and attended Challenge Summer School for several years. Now she is in college-and doing quite well!"

quoted textSchool was always something that wasn't pleasant. You just had to do it. Challenge was called school. It was a place with classrooms, and teachers. Therefore, you expected it be another not very pleasant situation. The magic comes when the expectation is not the reality. Challenge was a place where exciting things happened even in learning. Challenge was a place that was safe to be who you were, whatever that was."

quoted textChallenge summer school has amazing teachers that help us learn difficult things in an easier way than regular school. We can earn yellow t-shirts by being really good and we get recognized by the whole school. They make school really fun and I really, really, really enjoy it and want to go back every single year!!!!"

quoted textChallenge Summer School has helped me with being able to be a self-starter. I've been receiving executive function tutoring for about two years, and it is helping me be more organized, thus helping me to get better grades in school. Thank you, Morrissey-Compton!"

quoted textWe heard about Morrissey-Compton and Challenge School when our son was diagnosed with language-based learning disability. His teacher highly recommended Challenge Summer School and knew that this program would benefit him. Challenge School pinpoints their individuality, as each child is different in every aspect of learning. They have smaller groups and teach them different education strategies to solve problems. He continues to receive tutoring weekly at Morrissey-Compton and loves it! His tutor has given him confidence again. He enjoys each lesson learned and we have seen so much improvement in the classroom!"

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