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Client Testimonials

quoted textI wanted to thank Morrissey-Compton for helping me with a scholarship for the last three years. I started coming to M-C in 4th grade and now I'm in 7th. When I first started at M-C, reading, writing, and math weren't very easy for me. But now, I feel much more comfortable with those subjects. I did tutoring twice a week and was a student at Challenge School and plan on working there when I'm older. When I started going into the process of taking the ISEE, MC really helped me prepare for the test. About two years ago, I also got assessed and learned my strengths and areas I struggle in, and that extra time would benefit me more. I'm very happy at my school and like getting involved in my community."
quoted textIt's been many years since I first took my son to Morrissey-Compton for testing. I can say without reservation that this is THE BEST thing I have ever done for him. The testing and recommendations we received-and the strong support he got at Challenge school-turned his life around completely."

quoted textMorrissey-Compton is a lovely organization, whose mission truly is about supporting kids and their families. The (social skills group) itself was tremendous. The teachers were amazing, and of the highest caliber. I am incredibly grateful to Morrissey-Compton for their efforts, and particularly for the financial help." Read more.

quoted textOur family is forever grateful for Morrissey-Compton!!!"

quoted textThank you so much for your evaluation, advocacy, and scholarship, which allowed me to obtain services for my daughter. She is a changed and engaged learner-she is confident, eager to learn, and participates actively in class. She has also reached 90% of her IEP goals and even received an "Honor Roll Award" last quarter. She wouldn't be where she is today without the help of Morrisey-Compton. I am so thankful for your work and what you continue to do. Please continue to shine your light on other children and make a difference in their lives. So many children could benefit from your services." Read more.

quoted textWe will forever be grateful to Morrissey-Compton for changing our children's lives. Each person that we encountered at Morrissey-Compton was so friendly and was always happy to help with a huge smile on their face. We thank Morrissey-Compton from the bottom of our hearts for all of your help and financial assistance." Read more.

quoted textWe are thankful for the support you gave our son through the tutoring and Challenge Summer School programs. Now a high school senior, he still has great memories of your programs and we still see the self-esteem benefits to this day. We thank you for your vision to create such an awesome Center."

quoted textI appreciate that students and families are equipped with information and services from top-level experts at Morrissey-Compton that help reshape and refocus recipients for successful educational and later professional pursuits."

quoted textI'm happy my mom found you, you have helped me a lot. I enjoy seeing you. I don't think I would be this far in life if we did not find you. Thank you for all your help."

quoted textWe now understand that R. is a smart kid, but we needed to tap into the way he learns and deals with executive function skills. He still has a way to go, but his reading has definitely become stronger and it's so gratifying to see him moving forward, whereas before, he was stuck. We'd happily recommend Morrissey-Compton to any parent whose child learns differently!" Read more.

quoted textBen's assessments at Morrissey-Compton Educational Center concluded within three months after being approved for a very generous scholarship. Since then, he has made huge leaps in his academics. With the services offered at his school and the information that I'm starting to understand about his diagnosis, I now know how to confidently guide him to help himself become a better student. Getting help from Morrissey-Compton has helped me become a better parent."
Read more.

quoted text"Thank you for helping my kids and so many others!"

quoted textI wanted to thank you all for all the work you do. I am graduating from medical school next week and will be starting a residency program to become an OB/GYN, but as hard working as I have always been, I could not have gotten to where I am today without the help of Morrissey-Compton Educational Center. Thank you especially to the staff psychologist who performed all of my educational evaluations and for believing in me."

quoted textIt was great to work with you and I can honestly say I would not have been able to graduate without you."

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