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Fall Virtual Therapeutic Groups

Starting this month we will be offering three different therapeutic groups for teenagers virtually! All groups will be led by Julia Clark, Ph.D.

13 sessions, each session is 1.5 hours

Group members will learn to identify their unhelpful emotional responses, build resilience, and improve their interpersonal relationships. This group is designed for teens who are struggling with emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal relationship conflict. Teens will learn how to apply these skills across a range of settings. The group provides a supportive environment that allows teens to discuss these skills with their peers and find ways to make the skills work for them. Parents are asked to join the final session to receive a brief overview of the skills covered in the group so they can assist their teens with using them in the home setting.

Cost: $2500/teen; Minimum of 4 teens, maximum of 6
Timing: Thursdays from 5-6:30pm

8 sessions, each session is 1 hour

This group provides a place for teens to learn how to cope with anxiety, with a particular focus on dealing with challenges due to COVID-19. Topics discussed include behavioral activation, engaging in self-care, challenging anxious thoughts, finding ways to connect with others, and building routine into your day. Techniques will come from CBT, DBT, and ACT, which are evidence-based methods of addressing anxiety and depression. Each group session will include a skill-building component followed by discussion so that teens can find ways to make the skills work for them.

Cost: $1000/teen; Minimum of 4 teens, maximum of 6
Timing: Wednesdays from 5-6pm

8 sessions, each session is 1 hour

In this group, parents will learn strategies to improve the parent-child relationship, increase their children's cooperation, create a more peaceful home environment, and work with teachers to help your child be successful in the classroom. This group draws from behavioral management training, which is an evidence-based method for helping children learn to manage their behavior and emotions. This group is designed to not only provide instruction on techniques, but also to provide a place for parents to come together and discuss what has worked for them in the home and seek support from other parents.

Cost: $1000/family; Minimum of 4 parents, maximum of 8
Timing: Tuesdays from 6-7pm

For more information on all these groups, contact Julia Clark.

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